A $1-million electric bike has been given a $900,000 makeover to make it more affordable and easier to get around town.

Key points:The new electric bicycle was built at an Australian company called Cycles in VictoriaElectric bike is powered by a lithium ion battery and features an array of features including a kickstandElectric bicycle has a range of 200 kilometres (124 miles) and can be ridden by four peopleElectric bike can be bought for $1 million and sold for $2 millionElectric bike has more than 30,000 electric customers around the worldThe electric bicycle, dubbed Electric Forest, was developed by Australian company Cycles for sale to customers in Victoria.

Cycles in Australia, a division of Australian company Coda Holdings, has partnered with a local electric bike manufacturer, Dixons, to develop the bike.

Electric bike with kickstandCycles says the Electric Forest is made from 100 per cent aluminium, which is stronger than steel, so it can withstand more impact, higher temperatures and the rigours of urban life.

It’s designed for urban cyclists, but it can be used in towns as well.

Its features include a kickstart, an enclosed pedal system, a battery that can last for up to three months and a range that can reach 200 kilometres on a single charge.

It also comes with a range indicator and an on-board video camera.

Cycle director and founder Michael Purdy said the electric bicycle has more features than a conventional bicycle, such as a kickstop, which can slow down an electric bicycle when it’s about to hit the pavement.

“There’s no kickstand on this bike, so you’re not in the car and you’re trying to avoid hitting people,” he said.

“You have a kick stop which can prevent the kick from going too hard, which means you can have a bike that’s more comfortable.”

Electric bicycle’s range and battery lifeThe battery is the heart of the Electric Village, the electric bike’s most important feature, which also includes the kickstand, which enables the bike to go up hills and cross gaps.

The kickstand is attached to the rear of the electric drum with Velcro straps and can stay securely in place with a quick twist.

“It’s a huge deal because you can just hook it up and it’s the same as a normal bicycle and you can ride it up hills with no problems,” Mr Purdy told ABC Radio Victoria.

“But you don’t get a kick out of it, you get a feeling of being on the move and you feel like you’re moving.”

The kickstop has two points of contact.

It has a small button that lets you turn the drum to steer, and a larger button that you press to stop.

Mr Purdy says the kickstop is important to the Electric village because it helps keep the electric cycle in the saddle.

“I don’t know why they didn’t make it a kick start, because a kick is a huge, huge kick,” he explained.

“If you have an electric drum on a normal bike, if you get hit in the head, you don.”

On an electric bike you can see how far the kick is coming and you know it’s going to come back and that it’s not going to kick up.

“Electric bike comes with on-screen speedometer and video cameraCustomers can choose to have their electric bike registered as a public service vehicle, which provides some benefits such as paying for maintenance.”

We are a public good, so we’re getting some benefits for public good and that’s what we’re all about,” Mr Dixson said.

Cycling in Australia has seen a rise in interest in the electric community, with electric bike sales increasing by over 20 per cent in the past year.”

They are getting more and more people to take them out for rides and we see a growing number of people using them as their main mode of transport,” Mr Coda said.

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