An electric dirtbike and an electric bike are the next logical step for Australian road cyclists, with a few notable differences.

Dorian electrum is a cheap, compact electric bike that comes with a range of up to 300km and can travel at up to 20km/h.

Ford’s FEV2 electric dirt buggy is an affordable, long-range electric bike with a similar range.

Electric bikes are available in three different models, with the most affordable and versatile being the Ford FEV1, which costs around $600.

Ford FEV3 electric dirt bikes, like the FEV0, are the most expensive and are currently available in the US.

Ford recently released a new model of the Ford Electric FEV, a dirt bike that will go on sale in the UK this year.

In Australia, Ford has announced a new range of electric bikes, including the Ford EV4, Ford EV5, Ford Electric Super, Ford Power, and Ford FAB4.

But you can’t buy an FEV5 or Ford FEB4 at an Australian retailer, as these are not currently available.

A Ford spokesperson told ABC Radio Perth that the company was not in a position to provide information about the new models in Australia.

“It’s just not possible to tell you how many units are coming to market, or whether they’re going to be in Australian stores, because we haven’t launched any yet,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the Ford Bikes and Bikes range would not be available in Australia, with “only” a few available in Australian states such as Victoria and Queensland.

Ford Motor Australia said the company had not been able to confirm the availability of the new Ford FER1, Ford FES1 and Ford EV3 bikes.

“In the meantime, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality electric bikes available in their area,” the company said in a statement.

Ford says the range of its FEVs is comparable to the range found in its electric bikes.

Ford Bikes are the first of a new series of electric bicycles to be released in Australia by the company, and the FES series will also come with the FER3 and FER4.

Ford said the FAB series, which it said would come in “a range of styles and colors” in 2019, would also come in a range, with three models coming with the Ford EI range, an electric SUV that has a range similar to that of a Ford FWD.

The Ford FEC1, an all-electric bike with an all electric motor, was revealed at the Sydney Motor Show in 2018.

It has a maximum range of 800km, and is capable of travelling up to 30km/hour.

Ford EI has a 900km range, and can be used for both urban and remote driving.

Ford said in an emailed statement that it had “many exciting electric bike launches in the pipeline”, including the FEB1 electric dirt ride, the FLEX1 electric bike, the Ford GT, and a range-extended Ford EV1 electric motorcycle.

“We’re delighted to have Ford’s investment in Australian manufacturing and manufacturing capacity to deliver these new electric bikes,” the statement said.

“These bikes will also be available for customers who have yet to experience electric dirt biking, or who have an electric motorcycle in their garage.”

Customers can also expect to see the FETX1 on Australian roads in 2019.

“Electric bikes have been available in many countries for some time, including South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Australia.

The electric bike range has been increasing in Australia over the last few years, with electric dirt and gravel bikes also coming on the market in some states, such as Queensland.