A Toronto company has been awarded a $6.5 million contract to build and operate an electric grill for a private customer.

The $6 million contract is for a small company that specializes in electric and marine heating systems.

The company is based in Montreal, Quebec.

The contract was awarded to the Bancroft Electric Grill.

It is part of a larger deal awarded in April 2017 that includes a $2.5-million contract for an electric marine heat exchanger.

“We’re proud of this project and our leadership in developing an innovative and innovative solution to meet the changing needs of the maritime community,” said Marc Bélanger, president and CEO of the Banche de l’équipe de Québec, in a statement.

The Canadian Coast Guard will manage the project.

The Coast Guard is a federal agency that has a mandate to provide emergency response services to Canadian ports.

“The Coast Guard and our partners are working together to make sure the Coast Guard has the best and most efficient fleet of vessels for maritime operations,” said Coast Guard Vice-Admiral Greg Gulliver in a news release.