WASHINGTON — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) has emerged as a global leader in the development of the world’s first “plug and play” electric blanket.

The company has sold more than 4 million electric blankets since January, a figure that is expected to rise this year.

The company’s “sportswear” brand has been the leader in electrifying a wide range of products, including mattresses, bedding, baby cribs and electric scooters.

The blanket has been adopted by major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, college football, tennis, basketball and hockey, and even Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Garner and Bruce Willis.

Wal-Mart is also the world leader in providing electric blankets to individuals and businesses, and is now in the process of opening a second store in the United States.

The first store opened in Los Angeles in 2012, and Wal-mart has been opening stores in California, Oregon and Nevada.

The new store will be built in a warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

Walmart has a strong business relationship with electric blankets.

In the United Kingdom, the company sells blankets to hotels, schools and schools, and also supplies blankets to airlines.

In Germany, it sells electric blankets for homes and businesses.

In China, it supplies blankets for businesses, universities and hospitals.

In the United Arab Emirates, the country’s largest emirate, the first electric blanket was made by Wal-Marts suppliers.

The brand was launched in 2010, and since then, more than 500,000 blankets have been made.

It’s not just a domestic market; it’s also sold to other countries, including Brazil, Australia and Turkey.

“We are the only blanket manufacturer in the world to have been the first in the U.S. to market a blanket with the power to save lives and provide the ultimate protection,” Wal-Wal Mart President Richard W. Smith said in a statement.

“Our blanket is a first in its class, and we are excited to share it with the world.”

The company plans to make the blanket available to the public on July 1.

The electric blanket is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional mattresses.

It can be charged by a battery pack and is fully self-healing.

In addition to providing the blanket to businesses, electric blankets can be used to cover doors, windows, doors and ceilings and for the blind.

The electric blanket blanket is designed to be used in conjunction with other energy-saving products.

Electric blankets can save money by cutting down on energy bills, according to Wal-Bacon.

The cost of electricity to run a typical electric blanket ranges from $2.20 per hour for a 50-square-foot unit to $7.50 per hour in areas where demand is high.

In an effort to promote the electric blankets, Wal-Martin is holding a “blanket party” in New York City next week.

The event, called Electric Blankets for the People, will feature a “solar-powered blanket,” electric-powered lighting, a “rainbow blanket” and “rain-filled” balloons.

Wal-Beans has teamed up with “Rainbow” and other local organizations to provide a blanket and “Rainy Day” promotion for the event.

The event is sponsored by the Rainy Day Fund, a local non-profit that works to provide emergency blankets to people in need.

The Rainy Night Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and works to raise money for “rainy day charities.”

The Rainbow Fund is also a partner of the Electric Bliss Foundation, which raises money to provide solar-powered blankets to schools in need in South Africa.

In addition to the blanket party, WalMart is planning to offer free blankets at several of its stores this year, including its stores in Los Alamos, California, and Los Angeles.

It is also partnering with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority to provide free blankets to riders in New Jersey.