It’s the truck that could revolutionise how you transport goods and transport people, and it’s the electric pickup truck that the U.K. has been chasing since it won a $1.8 billion contract to build one in 2018.

But now the U-K.

government is threatening to block the project if the electric truck gets the green light from the British government.

The British government says it has the right to stop the project after the U.-K.

failed to secure the contract to supply electric pickup trucks.

The U.S. has had electric pickup vehicles in its fleet for more than 20 years.

But they are often not very good.

It’s often cheaper to buy an electric pickup instead of a regular one.

“The trucking industry has always been an all-electric industry and we’re not going to give up that, even though it is a very expensive option,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last month.

Johnson said the U .

K. had a “special place in history” for electric vehicles, but the government “does not see the point of investing in the electric vehicle industry.”

In the U -K., where the average annual household income is £1,000, electric vehicles are still considered a niche market.

But the country’s electric trucking companies say electric trucks are cheap and fast, with a low maintenance and long-term safety record.

They also say they offer much better fuel economy than diesel-powered pickups, which are often less fuel-efficient.

British Prime Minister John Key says his government will support the project even if the U U.ks. government decides to block it.

Key said it’s “absolutely necessary” to help build the electric trucks, which he said are essential for Britain’s booming economy.

Britain’s government is in talks with foreign investors, but Key said the government won’t pay for them.

The electric truck project was awarded the contract in 2018 to supply 10 electric pickups and electric buses to British drivers in the first phase of the project.

Johnson has called the electric-truck project a “world first” and said it will “change the lives of millions of people.”

The U -S.

is also working on electric trucks.

It is still seeking a U.N. agreement on an agreement to supply the vehicles to other countries, though that may be pushed off by U.s.

President Donald Trump.