A repair shop has been set up to repair a motor in Northern Irish waters.

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Water and Marine Management Authority (NIWMMA) said: “The electric boat motors in NIWMMA’s waters have been reported by a boat owner who is concerned about the potential for further damage to his boat, and is asking that the owner be compensated for the cost of his repair.”

The NIWMDA said the owner of the motor had already paid for the repair and was entitled to compensation.

The motor has been inspected by a company that does maintenance on motor boats.

The owner of a motor boat in the Northern Irish Sea, a motor vessel in the area of the island of Derry, said: ‘It’s a little bit sad that someone is going to have to pay for their boat.’

It’s something we all know the boat owners are doing, it’s a bit of a shame to see something like this happen, but we are doing everything we can.’