The electric fence is a popular electric fence in most countries in Europe, but it’s not exactly an easy sell.

According to the International Electric Fence Association (IEDFA), the average electric fence will last from six months to six years.

Electric shavers are the cheapest option in Europe and the one that is most popular in the US.

The biggest drawback of the electric shaving is the fact that they take up more space than a conventional fence.

But according to the electric fencing industry, there are two reasons why electric fences are better than conventional fences.

The first reason is that they use less electricity.

The second reason is they are environmentally friendly.

A fence that has been electrified can be used for anything from lawnmower to garden tools, according to a spokesperson for the electric fence industry.

“The fences we use have been electrically upgraded to take advantage of the energy that is generated by the grid,” said the spokesperson.

“The energy that goes into a fence is also available to other uses in the grid.”

The electric fence does require some extra installation, but the cost of it is low.

Electric shavers can be bought for around €3,000, which is about half the price of a conventional electric fence.