A few years ago, the Atlantic City Electric Smoker was a new thing.

Now, the new Atlantic City Smokehouse has opened in the former Union Bank building.

And now, the first one of its kind has been completed.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Vilsack announced the groundbreaking in his State of the City speech at the New York Hilton Garden Inn on Wednesday.

“Today marks the first of many projects that will transform Atlantic City,” he said.

“The Atlantic City Smoker will bring jobs and economic growth to Atlantic City, the future of our electric smoker industry and a vibrant community that embraces its diversity.”

It was the third-largest smokehouse in the world when it opened in 2007.

Now it’s the biggest, too.

The building will hold around 100,000 square feet and will be powered by solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

“It’s a fantastic project,” said Jim Linnemann, who owns the Atlantic County Cigar Factory.

“There’s not a lot of smokehouses in Atlantic City.

The Smoker is a unique opportunity for us to do something really special.

But the Smoker has to go through a few hurdles before it’s ready to go. “

If we don’t do this, it’s going to be a disaster.”

But the Smoker has to go through a few hurdles before it’s ready to go.

It has to get through the permitting process in the state of New Jersey, which is the next step for the project.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection says it needs to obtain a permit for the construction of an electrical smokehouse that’s at least 15 stories tall, and be built in a way that will avoid any potential environmental impacts.

The permit is expected to take about four years.

So, until then, the project is being held up by some issues.

The permits are a little tricky, as well.

There’s one problem: The state of North Carolina has issued a permit to the Atlantic Smoker for a building bigger than 15 stories.

The City of Atlantic City said in a statement that it is currently working to resolve the issues with the permit and has no plans to expand its use of solar power.

Linneman is confident the city will get the permit soon.

“I hope it’s within a month,” he told Polygon.

“We are going to get it.

I think we have a great deal of faith that we will get it.”

The project is also facing other hurdles, including a lack of funds.

The owner of the Union Bank, John O’Connor, says he’s still unsure if the city and the developer will be able to come up with enough funds to finish the project and pay the taxes.

“At this point, I’m in the dark about what it will take,” O’Connell said.

The owners of the smokehouses say they’re still looking for a partner.

“That’s what the future is going to bring,” said Linnerman.

“A whole new industry will grow.

There will be an economic boom.

I know we’re going to have a wonderful, wonderful, healthy future for Atlantic Town.”