Electric toothbrushes have a reputation for being expensive and clunky.

The chargers we’ve tested, however, are the cleanest and most efficient available.

We’ve looked at the best charging solutions, tested them and compared them to their competition.


Amazon: Amazon has a new, low-priced version of its own electric toothbrushing service called E-Tub, priced at just $99.

The service offers an array of cleaning products including gel, gel wash, cleaning brush, and a full range of gel cleansers.

All the products can be combined with a range of other products to create a powerful cleaning solution.

There are a few other features including a 24/7 customer support line, and the service offers a 3-month subscription for $89.99.


Best Buy: Best Buy’s new electric tooth brushing service is priced at $69.99 per month, with unlimited cleaning and sanitizing options.

The company claims that it can deliver a high quality, energy-efficient cleaning solution, with products such as gel, wash and brush, as well as a full-range of gel cleaners.


Dollar Tree: Dollar Tree’s electric tooth brush service is a more affordable option, but it offers no additional features.

It’s priced at a very low $29.99 for the first year, with two-month subscriptions available for $69 a month.


CVS: CVS has two different electric tooth brushes available, one with the same technology as Amazon’s, the other with the company’s own technology.

Both the new, lower-priced electric toothbladers and the older, higher-priced models feature the same brush bristles, but offer different cleaning options.

These brushes are more compact and easy to clean than the Amazon models, but they’re still not as clean as the other options.

CVC offers a full cleaning kit including an electric toothpaste brush, a cleaning brush brush, gel, toothbrush and soap, as part of its popular CVC Cleaning Service.


Dollar Shave Club: Dollar Shaving Club’s new $79.99 electric tooth cleaning service offers two different options, one that offers gel, water, and an airbrush and one that only offers a cleaning kit.

The new $99 version has an additional brush bristly option as well.

Dollar Shop also offers a $79 dental hygiene brush, which has the same cleaning capabilities.


Kohl’s: Kohl, which is owned by Walgreens, has two options for its electric toothshaving.

One of these is the full-service version that has all the usual cleaning and maintenance features and the other is the one-time use version, which includes only the airbrush.

The one-year subscription to $79 starts at $79 and the monthly subscription to just $69 starts at just over $89, but that’s for a $99 model.


Sears: Sears’ new electric cleaning and dental hygiene service, the $99 Platinum, is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable way to clean your teeth.

The full-price service starts at only $59 per month with unlimited storage and maintenance, but there are no maintenance options.

This option is not as convenient as the Amazon or Dollar Tree models, and it comes with the full cleaning and sanitation kit.


Dollarama: The $79 Dollarama Platinum, a new electric brushing service, has the full range from a cleaning base to a full set of gel, shampoo and toothpaste.

The cleaning kit is included with the subscription.


Costco: Costco has two electric tooth blowers that range in price from $79 to $199.99, which gives you an idea of the full cost of the cleaning options, including the cleaning brush and the cleaning gel.

Costco’s full-priced service starts with an unlimited cleaning plan for $79 per month and an unlimited two-year storage plan for just $29 per month.

Costco offers the same full-packaging options to its other offerings, including cleaning products and accessories.

Costco also offers an optional “full-packaged cleaning kit” that includes cleaning products, a brush and a toothbrush, as a way to save money on their other products.

Costco charges $59.99 to $99 for a full $29 package of the products, and for $49.99 you can add a brush to the plan for free.


Costco Wholesale: The Costco Wholsale electric tooth scrubber has a full price list of cleaning and tooth-cleaning items for $119.99 a month, and you can use the full $99 plan for one year.


Walmart: The Walmart electric tooth-blower, priced for $59 a month with three cleaning kits, has three different options.

One option is the standard one-pack and includes a cleaning pad, toothpaste,