In 2016, Pike Motor unveiled its Electric Motor, a two-wheel electric motorcycle that combines electric motor power with an all-electric battery system.

The company had promised to offer electric motorcycles in 2019.

Pike says it has sold more than 5,000 of the electric motorcycles since then, with only a handful of owners still needing to add the battery upgrade.

“People love electric motorcycles, and we wanted to build something that was both fun and safe,” said Michael Hesse, Pike’s executive vice president of marketing and public relations.

“We wanted to give people the option to go for a motorcycle with the same amount of power as a four-cylinder diesel.

We wanted to do it right.”

Pike, which had previously announced that the company was going to release a full electric motorcycle by 2021, announced a delay in the announcement.

Instead, the company revealed the new electric motorcycle at a press event in September, and it was released in October.

It’s also worth noting that the new motorcycle is compatible with the new Electric Drive system, which uses an electric motor and electric motor-powered batteries to power the front wheels.

Pikes latest bike is the Electra Sport.

Like the original electric motorbike, it features an all electric battery system and a high-performance electric steering system.

That steering system is equipped with a steering rack that’s attached to the bike’s center console.

The steering rack can adjust the front and rear weight distribution, and can also be used for a wide range of steering adjustments including throttle, braking, and throttle response.

It also has a throttle assist, and has the option of using an electronic gear-shift unit.

Like the original motorcycle, the Electras new electric steering is capable of a 360-degree throttle response and a torque vectoring system that allows the bike to be more responsive when a cornering angle is too steep.

It can also offer up to 6.3 horsepower per kilogram (kW) of torque, or up to 80 horsepower per liter (L).

Like the previous electric motorcycle, Pike says the Electrum Sport will be the first motorcycle that offers an all new, electric powertrain.

In addition to the all-new engine, Pike also unveiled a new transmission, the Pike Powertrain, which is a new battery pack with a hybrid motor that will deliver over 20 miles per charge, according to the company.

Powr is offering the Electrases new electric powertrains with a standard seven-speed manual gearbox.

Pike says it is working on a six-speed transmission, too.

Hesse says the Pike Electra will be available in two different colors.

One is an electric yellow with a black paint scheme.

The other is a lighter green with a yellow paint scheme and red trim.

Hess says Pike is offering four different powertraining options: two six- or six-speeds with a full range of power options, a seven-speeder with a limited number of powertrain options, and an eight-speed.

Plymouth says Pike will release a new electric bike in 2018.