Electric surfboard inventor Matt Clay says his company, ElectroSurfboards, has developed a new electric paddle board for surfers who want to use it on water.

ElectroSurfboard, which Clay co-founded with former Disney Channel employee Jason Fong, says the new paddle board is designed to help surfers surf while being comfortable in their bodies.

The board has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is lightweight and comfortable for surf surfers, but also has a rechargeable battery.

The new paddleboard has the same design features as the board that was released in 2018, but with a lighter weight, more flexible aluminum frame and more power.

Clay says the company’s board uses a 3-D printed motor with a motor shaft and propeller to move a propeller, while the motor shaft rotates the paddle.

The propeller moves the paddle and the motor, which moves the motor.

The motor uses the paddle to generate power and is used to power a motorized surfboard that Clay designed and built.

The company has a new website to promote the new board and is hoping to sell it to retailers.

Clay said he’s excited to start the new electric surfboard, because it’s the first product from the company he has designed.

The paddle board has been designed to work in the water and to be portable.

He said he has built prototypes of the new surfboard for himself and his friends, and the boards have been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

He says the board has the capacity to carry about six people, but only has a small battery to power the motor and the propeller.

Clay has made the board available to surfers for $399.

The product is still in development and will be available later this year.

The electric paddleboard was first introduced to surfboards in 2018 by ElectroSurffaboys.

Clay’s company sells paddle boards made by ElectroSwimboards.

He has also made other surfboards, including the ElectroSurfspeed, and is developing new boards for other surf brands.

Clay is working on an electric board for use in a car.

Clay told Fox News that he has no plans to sell the new ElectroSurfing board.

He plans to release the board to retailers and to the public.