I’ve had a good few electric guitars, but the best one for me is probably the ES-335 from ES-Tech.

It’s one of those guitars that makes me feel like I’m not alone, that I can feel connected to something that makes all of our lives better.

I’ve always wanted one. Read more Electric guitar reviews Electric guitars are big, expensive, and can be difficult to come by.

But there are a number of ways to find them, even if you don’t live near a big music festival.

I have some tips on how to find electric guitars.

Here are the top 5 electric guitar brands, what they’re good for, and what you can expect to pay for them. 


ES-Electric Guitar I’ve owned a couple of electric guitars over the years.

The first was the ES1.

That was a pretty solid guitar, but I don’t think I ever really had the time to get my head around the ES3.

The ES3 was the one guitar I was most excited about, because it’s so much more affordable and features a much better design.

The most expensive guitar in the brand’s history was a model that cost a whopping $1,300, and the one that made me the happiest to buy was the $1.25 million G5.

If you want a guitar that’s going to cost you money, the G5 is definitely a must-have.

The G5 comes in three different models: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium.

The Deluxe edition, available in a rose gold finish, has a maple top, a single-cutaway neck, and a single pearl dot inlays.

The Premium edition, in a solid black finish, comes with a rose maple top with pearl dot dot inlay.

The Standard model is the cheapest electric guitar in a G-line, but it’s a bit expensive compared to other models.

It also has a rosewood body, an ES-style tuners, and an electric guitar neck that’s made of a solid mahogany.

The premium edition has an aluminum body, a rose wood fretboard, a set of ES-tech tuners and an ES neck with pearl dots inlaid.

The price difference between the three models is around $3,000.

I love the ES5, and I’ve seen it as my main guitar for many years. 


ES10 Deluxe This guitar was a favorite among my friends, but when I first started buying electric guitars I couldn’t find one that I loved so much that I would buy it again.

The one I wanted most was the G10.

It was an amazing guitar, with a maple neck, an electric-style body, and even a humbucker pickup.

I loved that guitar so much I wanted it every day for years.

That’s when the ES10 came along.

This model has a much nicer maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard, and also a single Rosewood fret, an integrated pickup, and ES-level electronics.

The extra features include an aluminum neck, a black body, ES-quality tuners with a built-in pickup, a locking tuners jack, and more.

It costs about $2,000 more than the G 10. 


ES15 Deluxe I started buying ES guitars because I was bored with all the guitars in the G-series, but then I realized I wanted one that had a maple fretboard and a rose-wood fingerstock.

I liked the ES15 better than the other guitars, so I bought one and got it installed in my house.

The top of the ES 15 is the best I’ve ever owned.

The fretboard is a nice rosewood, the fingerboard is maple, and you get a rose neck and a maple fingerboard inlay on the bridge.

It has a built in pickup and a tuners jumbo tuner that gives you all the control you need to play fast.

The guitar has a really nice, solid maple top.

The fingerboard itself is mahogannus rosewood.

It makes it sound pretty good, too, which I really like. 


ES20 Standard I bought the ES20 when I was in the midst of a transition from the G series to the ES series.

At first, it wasn’t much of a difference, but later I started to appreciate the ES 20’s features.

First off, it comes in a beautiful rosewood finish, which makes it a great choice for those who prefer the look of rosewood over the more polished wood of a mahogan.

The maple top is a rose, so it makes the ES model a great pick for beginners and for those looking for something that will stand out.

The mahoganan rosewood fingerboards are very nice and can give you a nice sound. 


ES30 Standard This is a much bigger, more expensive model.

It comes in an ebony finish and features an ES body, rose