When a skateboarding instructor at T.E. Electric opened up shop a few years ago, he set out to improve his customers’ confidence.

The electric skateboard company sells a range of electric skateboards with a variety of different brands, models and materials.

It also makes its own boards.

In 2015, the company received a $300,000 grant from the federal government to upgrade its manufacturing facilities.

The grant allowed T.

Es. electric skateboarding to expand its manufacturing capacity and expand its business.

It was an ambitious plan, but the results have been impressive.

“It’s just been a tremendous experience,” said T. Electric’s founder, Tom Gant, a former electrician who is now president of the board.

“I’ve seen the level of commitment from the company, and it’s been absolutely incredible.”

T. E. Electric was established in 1997 by two former skateboarders from Toronto.

They wanted to make skateboarding accessible to children, and they had a hard time finding the right skateboard to do so.

They thought about a skateboards that could be used by teenagers, but those boards weren’t made by the same company as the skateboards they used to skate on.

So they decided to make one that was made in Toronto.

That’s when Tom Gantz came up with the idea of an electric skate board.

At the time, the only electric skate boards available were skateboards made in China, and the electric skate is much cheaper than the skateboard that people used to play on in Canada.

“That’s when I had the idea,” said Gantz, who is currently a board builder and electric skate-board manufacturer.

“And that was my original goal.

I was like, ‘We want to make an electric board, so let’s start building that.'”

In the early days, Gantz worked with two people to make the board that he’s now known as the T-Rex.

But that was before his company was licensed to make electric skate bikes.

The company made its first electric skate at the end of 2016.

“We did about 30 or 40 different designs,” Gantz said.

“Then we started looking around, and I saw that there were a few other electric skate companies, so I thought, ‘Oh, I can make my own.

I’ll just build this.'”

To make the T. Rex, Gant bought an old electric skate, a V-6, and built a motor from a single piece of aluminum.

He built the motor and the board around it, and he used parts from his own collection of skateboards to build the rest of the components.

“There were no screws or nuts or anything,” he said.

The motor and board were then put together with the help of a friend who has a mechanical engineering degree from a Canadian university.

“He built the whole thing in about 10 minutes,” said Tom Ganz, who has now sold about 2,000 of the boards.

He said the first T. e.

Electric board sold for $2,500.

“The first thing I had to do was get rid of the old ones,” he added.

He also had to replace all the bearings.

“A lot of people don’t know how to get rid the bearings on an electric bike,” he explained.

“If you put them in the air and you blow on them, they come off.

You have to replace them every two years.

So that was an expensive process, and there were parts out there that were really cheap.”

Gantz bought another board, which was an electric-shock board, and took it to a skate board factory.

The factory built the boards and shipped them to T. Elec.

Electric bought the manufacturing rights to sell them.

In the spring of 2018, the T.-Rex came to be, and Gantz’s customers were blown away.

“This is one of the most popular electric boards ever,” said customer Brian O’Neill.

“They were all about the quality, and everything was made with the same quality.

They even made a brand new T- Rex model.

The boards are awesome.

“So when we go out to a competition and they have to use the board for a skate, it’s just a win-win.” “

My customers have a ton of confidence that they’re going to get the best performance from this board,” he continued.

“So when we go out to a competition and they have to use the board for a skate, it’s just a win-win.”

The first board was shipped to competitors at a skate event in 2018, and in March 2019, it won the 2017 Skateboard Awards competition at the International Skate Expo.

In 2017, the boards sold out in minutes.

Now, Ganz’s customers are able to order them through a website called eBay.

“When people buy a T-E.

electric board from us, they know that they can have a super safe, low-stress experience on the board,” said Jason Kiely, who sells boards on eBay