The first thing you’ll notice about the electric log cutter is its price tag: $50 for a pair of $100 rubber gloves, and $60 for a $50 electric log cutter.

That’s a pretty steep price, considering that the gloves will only be used once per week and the cutter will only cut one log every 20 seconds.

You can also buy two of the same tools for $20.

(They’re also available in a larger, $100 size.)

But for $50, you’re getting something much more useful than gloves and a tool that only cuts one log per day.

The log cutter and log spliter come with a wireless transmitter, and the wireless transmitter is the heart of the logcutters’ function.

If you need to cut up or shred logs, you can wirelessly wirelessly send a message to the log cutter, which will then automatically cut the log into a smaller, shorter log.

(There’s also a wireless log splinter that can be attached to the end of a log.)

To make the log cutters work, the transmitter has to be paired with the log splitters remote, which is connected to a PC running a Windows or Linux operating system.

This remote then transmits a wireless signal to the splitter, which in turn transmits it to the computer that’s controlling the log cutting operation.

If the log is still longer than 30 centimeters, the splinter cuts the log and sends it back to the cutter.

In addition to cutting logs, the logsplitters remote also controls the logs automatic temperature control, which can control the log’s speed and temperature and determine if it should be heated, cooled, or turned off.

If all goes well, the logger cuts the logs and sends them back to you.

The logger itself is powered by an external AC adapter, which makes it an ideal tool for cutting logs without electricity.

But the log cuts can also be powered by solar panels.

It uses a standard USB charging port to charge the log splitting device, which means you can plug it into a wall outlet or plug it directly into the wall socket for charging.

And because the logcutting device and splitter can both be paired to a single PC, you’ll also be able to use the same PC to control the logs logging, logging and cutting operation without needing to download any additional software.

In other words, you won’t have to download a special Windows or Mac application or any other app that needs to be installed for log cutting or log splitting to work.

It’s a great feature for people who don’t like downloading additional software and just want to use one of these tools without having to download an additional app or program.

You could also plug in an iPad to the same computer that is controlling the logs logs logging and splitting operation.

The Log Splitter The Logsplitter uses a wireless remote and wireless transmitter to transmit log cutting commands.

The logs remote transmits logs, while the log splitters remote controls the logs log cutting and logging operation.

(Adrian Wyld/The Globe and Mail)