Electric bikes are on the rise in popularity, and there are a variety of options to choose from.

While the bikes themselves aren’t a household item, they do come with many advantages, including lower cost and range.

Now, the American Electric Power Company (AEP) is partnering with one of the largest companies in the industry to make a small electric schoolhouse a reality.

The AEP is making an electric mini-bike that will be included in the American Schoolhouse electric power schoolhouse, according to a press release from the company.

The electric school house is designed to fit in with the existing electrical infrastructure, but with a different design and a higher-capacity battery.

AEP will use a combination of materials, including aluminum and steel, to make the electric school bike.

The schoolhouse is a 100-year-old schoolhouse built in the 1880s.

The building has a total floor area of over 1,200 square feet, making it one of America’s largest schools.

It will be the first in the U.S. to use a 100kW electric motor and will be powered by batteries.

The American Electric Service Company (a.e.s) is the lead sponsor of the American schoolhouse electric school.

The company will be building the schoolhouse in partnership with the American electric service company, the electric service provider, and the electric community.

“The American School house electric power system is an essential component of our efforts to build an electrified and sustainable community in America,” said AEP Chief Executive Officer Mark F. Fink.

“Our vision is to deliver on the promise of electric schoolhouses by making them available to American families, and we are committed to ensuring that the American Dream of home ownership is a reality for every family in America.”

American Schoolhouses, Inc. (ASI) will manage the project and build the school house.

ASI is a public company that offers a range of solutions, including a large network of power substations, solar energy, battery manufacturing, and electric vehicle charging stations.

The goal of the project is to develop and install an American Schooling system.

The Schoolhouse Electric Power System is the first electric school building to be designed and built with a 100KW electric school motor.

The first American School House electric school power school house was completed in August 2018.

It features a 200,000-square-foot building with a capacity of more than 1,100 kW, an integrated power grid with 100-kW batteries, and will include a fully-functioning water and wastewater system.

This schoolhouse has been installed in three states, and is now in its second year of operation.

This new schoolhouse will be available to the public in 2019, and also will be eligible for federal and state tax credits, which help pay for the construction of schools and other infrastructure.

Electric Schoolhouses is an expansion of ASI’s existing schoolhouse network in the region, which includes ASI-sponsored projects like the Power House in Colorado Springs and the Powerhouse Solar Project in Mesa, Arizona.

ASi is partnering in the construction and installation of the first American school house electric school, and this project is the latest addition to the ASI schoolhouse portfolio.

ASIC is the largest power company in the Americas and one of its largest suppliers of power to the electric utility grid.

The ASI Power House is one of a number of ASIC projects currently under construction across the U