A new type of electric pencil sharpner is being touted as a game-changer in the fight against cancer.

The electric pencil sharpener is designed to cut through hard-to-reach tissue in a matter of seconds.

It works by cutting through the gel-like material that makes up a hard piece of paper or pencil.

That gel, called “cellulose,” contains cells that are vital for the body’s health.

The gel is made up of a mixture of glycerin, water and other materials that can be dissolved in water to make a gel.

The cells are then washed away and removed from the paper.

But the gel is a tough material that can cause tissue to break or swell in areas it touches.

The gel itself is a hard material, which can cause skin to swell and become red and inflamed.

The sharpener has a special design that cuts through the cellulose gel, which is used to make paper.

The device is also capable of cutting through tough paper.

The company that makes the electric pencil, Bluefin, says it has cut through cellulose gel in a similar way.

“The key to success with this technology is the ability to eliminate cells before they cause any damage to the tissue,” said Bluefin Chief Medical Officer Steve Naughton.

The company has developed a way to remove the gel from the gel by simply washing it away, he added.

Naughton said the company is also looking to add an additional tool to the tool kit, which includes an electric brush, to help cut through harder materials.

The technology is not new.

But Bluefin says it is the first one that is designed specifically to cut into cellulose.

Nair said the new tool has two unique features.

One is that it can cut into cellulosic material without the use of electricity.

The other is that the electric brush uses a high-speed electric motor to cut the gel.

“This is a unique feature,” Nair said.

“We have been able to make this technology even better with this new technology.”

A company called Bluefin Medical has developed an electric pencil blade to cut cellulose, which contains cells, out of a paper pad.

The technology has been developed by Bluefin and a company called Nair, and it is being tested by Bluefins researchers.

The Bluefin medical device is being developed to treat cancer patients.

It is being marketed under the Bluefin name.

“We believe this is a new and unique approach to treat patients with this type of cancer,” Naughman said.

“There are other ways to cut celluloses out of the gel that can actually cause damage, but we are really excited about this new one,” he added, referring to the electric sharpener.

The new tool is not being marketed as a cure-all, Naughsons partner said.

It could be used for just one type of tumor.

But he added that Bluefin is aiming to eventually see this technology being used to treat other types of cancer.

“With the development of the Bluefin Medical Tool, we can now be able to bring the same technology to other types and different types of cancers,” said Naughson.