A folding electric bicycle could change the way we live in the 21st century, and could even help save lives, according to a new patent.

The patented electric bike design uses a folding design to make it more comfortable for people with disabilities.

The patent was published in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

“A person with a mobility impairment who has a folding electric bike is a suitable user of the invention,” the patent reads.

“In one embodiment, the electric bike comprises a bicycle frame that includes a seat and seatpost, a motor and a motor control unit, and a gear drive unit and a hub.”

The inventor of the patent said that the design is a “very simple and lightweight folding electric vehicle”.

“I wanted to use this type of invention to create a bicycle that could be made with a little effort, but could be easily transported around the world,” the inventor wrote.

“This bike could be an inexpensive electric bicycle, or it could be a very expensive electric bicycle.”

The invention could potentially help people with mobility impairments move around the globe, according the patent.

“The folding electric bicycles can be transported easily to remote locations where a bicycle cannot be transported,” the invention reads.

The invention is a folding bike.

The folding electric cyclist could be moved from one location to another and back again, but the bicycle would remain stationary and would not need to be recharged.

The inventor added that the folding electric bikes could also be used as a bicycle for walking and biking.

The folding bicycle could be used in places where a car is a problem, the patent states.

The bicycle could also use the electric motor to propel it.

The electric bike can be made from aluminum, carbon fibre, carbon fiber, titanium, or other lightweight materials.

The inventors’ inventories indicate that they intend to use the invention to make electric bicycles for individuals with mobility disabilities, and to provide electric bicycles to individuals with disabilities with access to electricity.

“Electric bicycles could be built to the same specifications as other electric bicycles, for example a bicycle made of aluminum with an aluminum frame, but with an electric motor,” the inventors wrote.

The patents have not been registered with the USPTO yet, but they are being considered for potential licensing.