How to Fold Your Electric Bike and Put It Into the Back of Your Pickup Truck How to folding your electric bicycle or electric surfboard into the front of your pickup truck?

This folding electric bicycle may look like something out of a science fiction movie but it can actually help you save money on your electric car.

[Axios via Gizmodo] Here are some ideas: Put the bike on the ground with the front wheel on a flat surface.

This will reduce the center of gravity and allow for easy mobility.

[Gizmodos] Set it on a bench or wall, and attach a few plastic legs to the front and rear wheels.

[Crate and Barrel] Place it on the center console of your truck, and then attach a small extension cord to a bicycle or other bike rack.

[Evertalk] Put it in the backseat of your car, which is great for people with disabilities.

[Foto-Pix] Set your electric bikes on a desk or chair, and connect a USB cable to it.

[Pixabay] Connect it to your phone.

[Bike Share] Put the electric bike on a table, and place it in a corner.

It will prevent it from rolling down the street.

[The Next Web] Put your electric motorcycle in the trunk of your SUV and attach some cables to it to make it move.

[] Put them on the front seats of your sedan, and the rear seats in the rear.

It’ll let you move the bike in different directions.

[Carbo-Tone] Put one in the garage and attach the battery charger.

[Laptop World] Put some cable on the rear seat, and put some cable over the bike.

[Macworld] Put an electric bike in your kitchen, and you can easily fold it out for storage.

[Slashdot] Put two in the kitchen, one in a refrigerator and one in your pantry.

[Dive Into the Future] Fold it and put a small cable in the middle, and a few cables on the back.

[TechCrunch] Fold your electric bicycles into the kitchen cabinet, and take it with you to work.

[Huffington Post] Put on your work shirt and tie it to the back so that it looks like a skateboard.

[Digital Trends] Put a pair of bike shorts over your head to make them appear like skateboards.

[Reddit] Put these bikes in the freezer, and it will save money.

[Motherboard] Put those bike shorts in the pantry and put your electricbike in it.

Put your bike in the microwave and microwave it.

The microwave will heat it up to about 300 degrees.

[NPR] Put something in your garage that looks like an electric bicycle and put the battery in it, and when you are done put your bicycle in the fridge and put that bicycle in it too.

It may not look like much, but it saves money.

This folding bicycle is ideal for the homeless.

[Vimeo via GIPHY] The folding electric surf board is a great way to save money while on the road.

[CyclingTips] Put up a bike rack on your truck that has a handlebar and some cables attached.

Put a bike helmet on the handlebar, and on the side of the bike you attach a pair that will help keep your helmet clean.

[Roadtrippers] Use the cable attachment to put your bike on top of the handlebars, and get the bike up onto the top rack.

Put the helmet on and get up on the rack.

The bike will be easier to maneuver.

[Popular Mechanics] Put in a bike pump to keep your water circulating through your tank and to save water.

[YouTube via CNET] This folding bike is great if you are in need of a way to get to the water without being in your car.