Dominion have released a video detailing their electric air pump which they claim is capable of delivering up to 40 miles per hour in the city centre.

The company is offering the Air Pump for £129 on its website, and they are offering a discount of £60 off the list price on its Amazon page.

In addition, Dominion will also be giving away a Dominion Air Tank to the winner of a giveaway. 

The Dominion electric air pumps use a combination of electricity and water to power the pump, which allows the pump to be easily used for the home or office.

Dominion’s air pump is a compact air pump, with a range of 10 litres (22 gallons) and can be used for up to four hours on a single charge.

It also features a rechargeable battery, which can be charged in a variety of ways, including from a wall outlet.

It is said that a Domion air pump has been used to deliver an average of 40 miles (66km) on a charge, which is far higher than the 40 miles of range reported by the British Transport Police.

The Dominion air pump will be available for purchase from the company’s website for £29.99.