article Electric Mopeds are the latest in the Pokemon Snap franchise and it’s easy to see why, they’re a perfect fit for the Pokemon Go craze.

The Electric Moping game was launched on the Pokemon GO app on June 8, 2017 and since then, users have been capturing monsters, collecting items and getting their Pokemons to live and battle in the game.

This is what the Electric Mopy look like in-game.

The Pokemon Snap game is a Pokemon Snap exclusive for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

The game features a series of story-driven missions where players are able to customize their Pokemon to suit their needs.

The game’s story focuses on a boy named Zolt, who discovers the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos and decides to go on a journey to find and capture the Legendary creature.

Zolt uses his Pikachu to travel around the world to find other Pokemon and battle them in the virtual world.

The player can capture and train their Pokemon in order to increase their stats and increase their level.

The Pokemon Snap experience also includes an online multiplayer mode where players can battle other players online in a competitive mode.

The latest update for the game on June 24, 2017, added the ability to have your Pokemon evolve into a new type.

The electric moping is a very versatile and durable toy, which makes it a great addition to any Pokemon Go collector.

It’s the perfect companion for kids, and it even comes in a variety of colors, including blue, red, green and yellow.