There’s been a lot of buzz around electric cigarettes in the last few years, but few of them have been as popular as the new Leaf.

Its popularity has helped push the brand to become the No. 1-selling cigarette in the United States.

But how do electric smokers perform?

That’s what we decided to do.

This is the third in a four-part series on the newest and most popular electric cigarette brands.

First up: how does a cigarette work?

Electric cigarettes are similar to cigarettes in that they emit a vapor that contains nicotine, which you can taste, smell and taste.

The vapor has been around for at least 40 years.

But electric cigarettes are unique because it’s not just a vapor: it contains nicotine and other chemicals that you can get from chewing tobacco.

It’s a lot like chewing tobacco, but you’re vaping it.

When you inhale, a chemical called propylene glycol (PG) is released.

It creates an unpleasant smell, which is a nice flavor.

Then a nicotine-containing liquid (called glycerin) is added to the air.

The PG and glycerins react and combine to create a vapor.

You can find these types of vaporizers in vending machines and online.

What about the nicotine?

Nicotine is an addictive substance that can have a negative effect on your health, especially when it’s inhaled.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) says that nicotine can be addictive if you take it too often.

Nicotine is also known to have carcinogenic properties, as well as being addictive and harmful to the liver.

The ACS says that there is no safe level of nicotine in cigarettes.

So, if you smoke more than one pack a day, you’re putting yourself at risk for lung cancer.

The AAP says that smoking too many cigarettes is linked to several other health problems including lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression.

And if you don’t want to smoke?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of nicotine.

One of the most popular is to use nicotine patches.

But you can also use e-cigarettes.

In fact, more than 50 percent of people use an e-cigarette.

The nicotine in e-cigs is much less harmful than cigarette smoke.

But, like with cigarettes, they have a lot more flavor than nicotine.

And the flavor is what makes them a great alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking.