On Monday, the NFL will announce its penalties for unnecessary roughness and unnecessary rough conduct.

Those are the most serious penalties for conduct that escalates into a tackle, a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

In addition to the fine, players will be prohibited from contact with the head or neck, face-to-face contact, and the use of helmets.

In a press release, the league said the suspensions were in response to “inappropriate roughness on the field and an unnecessary rough play on the sidelines.”

Players who are suspended for any period of time will have to comply with the policy.

Here are the key points about the suspensions: • In response to the NFL’s policy change, the Commissioner and his staff have identified additional ways to help players avoid unnecessary rough and tackle.

• The NFL will work closely with its players and owners to ensure that the NFL Personal Conduct Policy is enforced as it was designed and enforced in accordance with the spirit of the policy, the letter says.

• Players who receive a suspension are required to comply, including by not engaging in any activity prohibited by the Policy.

• If players have not complied with the Personal Conduct policy, they will be subject to the penalties listed above.

• All discipline for violations of the Personal Disciplinary Policy is subject to appeal.

• In addition, the players involved will be required to submit to regular physical testing and other required assessments.

• A player will be notified in writing by the Commissioner that he has been suspended from the league for any duration of time and that the Commissioner has reviewed his status with respect to the suspension.

The suspension will not affect the player’s eligibility to participate in any league or club activities.

• No player may participate in a club activity or any other activities, including the practice of the sport, which is prohibited or otherwise prohibited by law.

The player will not be permitted to return to the club until the player has completed his suspension and is fully informed of his rights and responsibilities.

If the player violates any of the terms of his suspension, the player will have 30 days to correct the violation.

Players who have been suspended for a period of more than three weeks, or who have failed a physical or mental health evaluation, or any violation of any league, team or policy that is related to the incident, will not automatically be reinstated until the suspension has been fully resolved.

The NFL has been in contact with all of its players since Monday’s announcement and will continue to monitor their progress, the statement says.

The statement also says that “every discipline that is levied against a player is taken into consideration in determining the severity of the sanction.

If a player receives a suspension, he will be given a period to complete the process to determine his future status with the league and will be able to continue to compete for his club.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.